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Rose Quartz Pipe with Carb - Cosmic Artillery
Rose Quartz Pipe with Carb - Cosmic Artillery
Rose Quartz Pipe with Carb - Cosmic Artillery

Rose Quartz Pipe with Carb

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 Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and healing. It inspires the love of beauty in oneself and others and in nature, art, music and literature. Rose Quartz is also a wonderful sleep crystal for bringing beautiful dreams. Rose Quartz is a Calming crystal excellent for trauma, it strengthens empathy,  sensitivity and aids in the acceptance of necessary change and comforting grief.

Our Rose Quartz pipes have a carb hole on the left side and measure approx: 4"
Each of our handmade crystal pipes are one of a kind and unique. Crafted from the highest quality natural crystals and minerals and filled with love and positive energy. Our unique design allows our pipes to hit extremely smooth and plentiful 😉

Every pipe includes a high quality stainless steel screen that fits snugly in the pipe.
Crystal pipes are much more durable than glass and are 100% natural unlike their glass alternative. Our crystal pipes also cool off much faster than glass, last much longer and are easier to clean. 


The stainless steel screen is removable to easily clean.
Each of our crystal pipes can be cleaned just like a glass pipe, alcohol and salt works best.

Each order is sent out as soon as possible within 1-3 business days.

Shipping Times

USA: 2-4 Business Days
Canada: 4-9 Business Days
Rest of the world: 6-12 Business Days
Each pipe is packaged very well to avoid any damage.

*All of our pipes are intended for legal purposes only.